Monday, January 18, 2016

How to organize your fonts!

It doesn't matter if you do vinyl, word art, scrapbook, or something else, fonts are fun to have and so addicting!!! Yet, you get so many of them it is hard to know what all you have and what they look like! Here is my simple organized way to keep track.

I did this in Photoshop, or you can also use Word.
I made a page for each category I wanted. My categories are: simple, swirly/ cutesy, script/ cursive, monograms, grunge and chalkboard lettering, handwriting, block, outline/ bubble/ open, western, old style, sports, manly, pirate, rock, wood, camping, valentines day, st. patrick's day, Easter, July, summer, beach, halloween, Christmas, foreign, girly, misc., not for vinyl (fonts I love using on word art, but suck cutting out of vinyl!).

Once I had each of my pages, I went through my fonts in alphabetical order to make sure not to miss one and put them in a category.  Sometimes you'll need multiple pages for certain categories while others you can cut multiple categories on one page.   Print them off and put them in a binder!

When I get a new font I just hand write the name of the font on it's categorized page. When I feel like updating my fonts I can see what fonts are new and where they need to go. Then I print off the new pages!

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