Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Not so Krazy Couponing

It doesn't matter how many times I post it, or tell them, I always have people ask HOW I do my couponing! I keep it simple and still save BIG!

This was just part of today's haul:

I spent $17 today. I got:
6- 2 liters of Cherry 7-Up
6- 62 oz. Sunny D
10 bags of Doritos
5 things of pasta
and 25 Power Bars!

Yes, I've seen people save more. I've personally done better, but you can't pick the sales or your coupons! Plus, did I mention that I've spent maybe 2 HOURS this week couponing?

So, HOW did I do it?
All these deals were at Smiths/ Kroger. I simply follow! A few days ago she posted about the Cherry 7-ups coming up on sale. I saw they were buy 6 save 3, so I made sure I printed 6 coupons.

The SunnyD's coupon has already expired! :( That is why I always jump on coupons!!! They were FREE

Cherry 7-Up's were .44 cents each. Get coupon here

PowerBars were also free! Printable coupons here. AND downloadable ones to your Smiths card here

Doritos were only .99 cents a bag! My husband about lost it when I told him and he said to buy as many as possible!!! LOL. Digital coupon here

Since all items were buy 6 save 3 I ended up needing some fillers, so I got the .49 cent pasta since it is the cheapest and we eat tons of pasta!!!!

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