Thursday, July 13, 2017

Top Books I Want My Kids To Read

Elementary School:
The Borrowers
Charlotte's Web
Indian in the cupboard
James and the Giant Peach
The Littles
Molly's Pilgrim

Middle School:
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Chronicles of Narnia
The Crossing
Island of the Blue Dolphin
The Mormon Church: A Basic History
A Return to Christmas
Where the Sidewalk Ends

High School:
Fahrenheit 451
The Great Gatsby
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Jurassic Park
Lord of the Flies
To Kill a Mockingbird
Of Mice and Men
The Odyssey
Passage to Zarahemla
Romeo and Juliet
Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites
Tuck Everlasting

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Newlywed Game

My kids LOVE watching "Big Star Little Star".

My husband and I also always kick butt at The Newlywed Game. Like, we win every single time! So I figured it'd be fun to play Big Star Little Star with our kids!

Ask questions and look for matching answers
Kids draw a picture of their answer and mom/dad has to guess.
Have 4 answers to choose from.

Questions for Kids: (You can switch it up and do all mom/ dad or half and half) First ask Mom/ Dad, write down and then have kids guess.

  1. What does Dad (or mom) do when no one is looking?
  2. What is one thing Mom is good at?
  3. What does Dad smell like?
  4. What is Mom's favorite food?
  5. What does Dad need help with?
  6. What is Mom's most prized possession? 
  7. If Dad has to cook dinner, what would he make?
  8. Where did Mom and Dad get married?
  9. Where did Mom and Dad go on their honeymoon?
  10. What does Mom do that annoys you the most?
  11. What is Mom's Favorite food?
  12. - Favorite drink?
  13. - Favorite color?
  14. -Favorite TV Show?
  15. - Favorite Movie?
  16. - Favorite restaurant?
  17. What is something mom is bad at?
  18. What is Dad's biggest secret?
  19. What is Mom afraid of?
  20. Where was Mom/ Dad born?
  21. How does Dad help around the house?
  22. What is one food that Mom cooks that you hate?
  23. Which of these places has mom never been? (give 4 possible places)
  24. What does Dad do that you wish you could do?
  25. How many pairs of shoes does mom have?
  26. What was Mom's last name before she married dad?

LDS Questions:
Where did Dad go on a Mission?

Questions for Mom and Dad: first ask kid, write down asnwers, then parents guess.

  1. What is kids's Favorite food?
  2. - Favorite drink?
  3. - Favorite color?
  4. -Favorite TV Show?
  5. - Favorite dessert?
  6. - Favorite Movie?
  7. - Favorite candy?
  8. - Favorite holiday?
  9. - Favorite animal?
  10. Who is Kid's best friend?
  11. What is Kid's least favorite chore?
  12. What does Kid do that annoys you the most?
  13. What is Kid's most hated food (or vegetable)?
  14. Favorite place to go to have fun?
  15. If you were to give Kid $10, what would they buy?
  16. What is Kids favorite book?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Insta Pot Tortellini Soup

I love tortellini soup, and using my "insta pot". I looked on pinterest for a recipe and didn't love the ones I saw, so I winged it.

I used this recipe as a base.

My recipe:
1/2# of pork sausage
2 cups cut up baby carrots
1 cup zucchini cut up
1/2 white onion cut up
64oz Chicken broth
1 Tbsp of paprika
1 Tbsp of minced garlic
1 tsp of salt and pepper

1 bag of frozen cheese Tortellini

I put 32 oz. of the chicken broth and the pork in the IP and turned it to saute. Once the pork was cooked I added everything, except the tortellini. I put it on manual for 5 minutes. Once it was done I did a quick release. I opened it up and tossed in the tortellini and put it on saute. I let it sit and "simmer" until the tortellini was done!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sausage, Green Beans and Potatoes

I got my Instant Pot less than a week ago and I have been easing into it. I just planned my whole month menu and planned everything around the IP! I started cooking the potatoes at 5:45 and we were eating at 6:15!

I got some Kielbasa last week and wanted to use it up. I found this crockpot recipe and adapted it for the IP.

Then I found this IP recipe to find out how to cook the potatoes.

So here is the recipe:
1/2 a bag of 5# bag of potatoes, so 2 1/2#s of potatoes.
Olive oil
1 Cup Chicken broth
1 Package of Kielbasa
1 can green beans

I sprinkled olive oil into the bottom of the IP pan, added a few pinches of Rosemary, Parsley, and Garlic. I turned the IP onto Saute. My husband diced up the potatoes didn't peel them. I added them as he cut them up and added more oil and seasoning as we went along. Once we were done adding potatoes I continued to stir them around for about 8 minutes.

I turned the IP off. Added about 1 cup of chicken broth, stirred, topped with a can of green beans and cut up kielbasa- did NOT stir. I put the lid on and set it to cook for 10 minutes.

My husband was worried the potatoes wouldn't be cooked tender enough. As soon as it was done cooking I released the pressure. The potatoes were falling apart tender! Yum!