Monday, January 11, 2016

How to do Perfect Chalkboard Lettering

I always see people with these amazing chalkboards! My handwriting sucks so there was no way I would be able to do it. I wanted a cute board for our New Years Eve Party. I hand wrote it and didn't like it at all. I finally decided to try a vinyl stencil. It worked perfectly! I am now obsessed with my chalkboard!

Step 1: Make (or buy) vinyl stencil of the design you want. You need a stencil, not a decal.

Step 2: Apply vinyl to chalkboard

Step 3: Rub chalk over stencil
I forgot I was going to make this post and I had started peeling the stencil off already.

Step 4: Peel off vinyl stencil.

1 Tip: If you want it to look PERFECT, before peeling vinyl off, got along the edges and scrap off excess chalk, like this-

If you leave the extra chalk it will smudge like this-

Scrapping off the excess chalk will prevent smudging.

All done! 

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