Friday, February 21, 2014

Couponing Tips:

Have you ever seen coupons stuck to item in the grocery store? GRAB THEM! Now, don’t take all the store has, that would be rude. I usually grab one or two.

The only hard part with those is website that match up sales and coupons don’t include them. So you will have to match those up on your own.

Today while at work I wanted some chips. I went to the nearest store, which isn’t listed on Grocery Smarts and we don’t shop at much. The first things I saw when we walked in was General Mills Cereal on sale for $1.50 when you buy 4. I looked in my coupon envelope and I had 4, $1 off coupons! I went and grabbed my chips and then got the cereal.

Another piece of advice, do the math in your head or on your phone so you’ll know what your total should be! I did the math, chips $4, cereal .50 a box and 4 boxes will be $2, my total will be $6. I went to pay and my total was $8, I was a little confused, but figured I did the math wrong. I paid, went to my car, looked at the receipt and did the math on my phone. Every time I did it my total should have been $6. We went back in to the front counter and I explained that I thought the numbers were off. They did the math and came up with $6 too! Turns out the cashier only gave me credit for 2 of my 4 coupons! They apologized and gave me $2 cash back!

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