Saturday, March 1, 2014


I love find great deals, especially FREE items, even better is Money Makers! We just went from 2 computer and only 1 printer at work to 3 computers and now have a printer at home too! I'm thrilled to no longer have to go to work to print coupons!

Today I got:
At Dollar Tree 2, 2 pack of corn dogs and 1 tube of A & D Cream. My total was... .63 cents!
I already got 2 things of corn dogs and a few tubes of A&D Cream from printing the coupons of another computer last week. I find my Dollar Tree match ups HERE. Every Dollar Tree is different. Some weeks they have one products and then you'll never see it again. What I do is go through the list she has and I write down all the products that would be free. Then I go to Dollar Tree and see what they actually have. Once I know what I can get I print just those coupons and go back to get the items!

At Smith's I got 4 packs of Totinos Pizza rolls which Smith's owed me $1.00 after so I added 8 things of Snickers peanut butter squares which brought my total up to .98 cents!
So everything pictured was $1.61

Smiths (should be any Kroger store) has the Totino's Pizza Rolls on sale from $2.39 to $1.00, then use THIS coupon for $1.25 off any Totino's Pizza Rolls! Which means you are making .25 on each pack! Plus, once I go to work on Monday I'll be able to print 2 more coupons too! (If you don't know you can print almost every coupon twice per computer. Sadly, the Totino's coupon is already gone! I hate when they take them down so fast! :(

I saw that Walgreens had the Snickers Peanut Butter Squares on sale 2 for $1. Plus THIS coupon for .75 cents off 2, makes them .125 cents a pack! Now I love Walgreens, but mine is crazy strict about coupons and it's always such a hassle using them there. But while at Smiths I saw they were on sale for .60 cents each, so it was worth it to me to just get them there especially since I had the Totinos overage I needed to use!

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