Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rustic/ Moose Living Room

I am finally (almost) done with my rustic living room makeover... 9 years of marriage wanting a rustic themed house and 22 months in this house, I’ve got my dream living room! I do need to find a few tree branches and make some curtains. Other than that, I’m done. (I also need to update the pictures in the tree branch frame)

I picked the color scheme from the star- brown and blue.
My favorite pieces are the clock and the “tree” with our initials in it. Most of the pieces I already had.


I LOVE the vinyl around our clock. It is huge and really filled up a big blank wall space!

I added the sign “Moosehead Lodge Bed & Breakfast you make both”. Moose is my favorite animal, so there is where a lot of it comes from! The moose family on it is us- Dad, Mom, Girl and Boy.

I thought about finding a tree branch and carving our names in them... Nah, too much work. What I did, I took an old candle, smoothed it out (took off the extra wax), covered that with dark brown vinyl, then designed the top layer of tan vinyl to look like a birch tree and have the heart with our initials.

The candle, candle holder, stuffed moose, scentsy warmer, and picture frame we already had. The porcelain statue is our wedding cake topper. I love the little area that is just about my husband and I.

The saying, “Some blessings come soon...” is one of my favorites. I originally did it with pink paper, and then switched it to march my brown and blue scheme. My husband and I were trying for a baby for 6 1/2 years (it felt a lot longer!) when we adopted our daughter, so this always reminds me of that.

I already had the vinyl and pictures up on the wall, but they were black. I never thought about painting them until I went to re-do the room. I distressed them and painted them a matching blue and distressed them a little more. I love how they turned out. I also switched the picture of my daughter. I had a current picture of her, but all the other pictures were from then each foster child was placed with us and her’s was out of place.

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