Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Starting your own Business (Online Advertising) 101

Now I am no expert, but I discovered something today that made me proud. My husband and I started our own vinyl business 18 months ago. I occasionally have deals on our vinyl and post them on our town’s Facebook group. I posted one of our deals and I was shocked to see someone else in our same town who also “does vinyl” wanted one… Why on earth would you buy something you can make yourself? My husband and I both thought, oh she must just have a smaller cutter and not a big enough one to do this. When she came to pick it up I asked her why machine she had, the same exact one as me! Now I’m really baffled. We are wondering if she got it to rip off our design or what, who knows…

Anyways, There are a number of people who say they cut vinyl in our little town. After this lady picked up her vinyl I searched to see if she had a blog or a Facebook page or something… nothing. I did find that if you search on Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, any search engine, I am the ONLY vinyl business that shows up! Go to each search engine and see what sites they use!

My #1 advise is sign up for any and every site that has free advertising/ profiles. Different search engines pull from different sources so cover ALL of them! Now I don’t use Twitter much, or well anything other than Facebook and Blogger, but do the pages anyways. Even if you have no intentions to do a Blog, get the blogger address just so it is yours in case you ever do! Do the same with Word Press, yellow pages, a .com and such!

My #1 source of "advertising" Facebook! I have our Facebook Page. Make your page pop. I used Pagemodo to make a header that I love. There are about 5 different pages for my town people have set up on Facebook for buy/sell/trade items on Facebook. I started posting on some of the pages and things sky rocketed!

1 thing that has made me loss business... I'm out of my home! I have had a handful of people call me, be all ready to order vinyl from me and then discover I am out of my home and they are done, no vinyl ordered!

I don't get a ton of business from Pinterest, but I love it. Make your Pinterst boards fun. Don't just post your products. I have an account just for my stuff and one for my business stuff. I have all my products, gallery pictures, design ideas, business stuff (articles such as this), and "A few of my favorite things" which is my favorite. On that one I pin all sorts of stuff, home decor, places, food and more. Make sure it is warm and inviting!

Places ads/ Profiles on:
Check out your city and state local listings.
Super Pages
Yeloow Pages
Zip Local

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