Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lorax Party!

My daughter wanted a Lorax party for her Third birthday. I got lots of ideas on Pinterest and came up with (what I thought) was a perfect Lorax party. As I searched on Pinterest, I found one thing I liked from every party I looked at.

I made a round cake with green frosting. I did the top to look like grass. I was going to do cake balls as Truffula trees, but ended up doing just Pom Poms. I took cake ball sticks and painted black stripes on them and hot glued a pom pom on top, I did the same is pencils for the goodie bags. I threw on some chocolate teddy grahms onto the cake last minute and loved it. I cut out trees and the lorax out of paper. I also did orange and yellow as a sub-theme. I did orange and yellow balloons, plates and cups. I also cut out Lorax mustaches, punched a hole in the middle and put them on straws (HUGE hit!) I put out 1 bowl of gold fish crackers and 1 bowl of chocolate teddy grahams and mini marshmallows. In the goodie bags I had Truffula pencils, a little spiky plastic ball, a few pieces of candy and the bag of Truffula Fruit.

It turned out so cute, semi-simple and cheap. I think I spent at the most $20 to $25.
Here are the links to where I got my ideas-
They have a cute dessert bar and got my idea for the Truffula Fruit in the goodie bags
- HERE-.
I sent my husband out to get the above link for Truffula Fruit (candy dots) but he couldn't find them and got Dots instead, they work great too!
I was going to put a Lorax face on a 2 liter of Orange soda, but didn't. - HERE-
Truffula Tree pencils (I used Pom Poms because I couldn't find anything else!) - HERE-
Bears and Marshmallows- HERE-
Straw Stashes -HERE- (I was going to do a Happy birthday banner like theirs too, but didn't have time.)
More ideas here, I was going to get these for the water bottles, but again, I didn't.

Here are some templates! Enjoy!

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