Saturday, June 30, 2012

Inside the Pin...

I'm starting a new series called "Inside the Pin" where I will review me trying things seen on Pinterest and how it actually works, along with recipes! My first review- (Pin here)
I saw this pin, didn't even read the info, 11 weeks ago. I thought, Hum, I'll have to try that sometime. Tonight my nieces came over and wanted vinyl decals for the Ipods. Once they were done and on I wanted to get pictures of them for my website. My first niece put it on the outside of her case. I took a picture (I have a Canon 2Ti) and it looks great. I went to take a picture of my second niece's one, she put her under the case, which looks awesome! I used the flash and can barely see the design,
I tried no flash and it was just too dark.
I took it into a bright room and tried again, still wasn't looking too good. Then I remembed this pin. My Canon doesn't have the hinges and didn't stay up like shown, so I just held it there...
I was SHOCKED! So amazed by this! I now have a business card in my camera bag! Other then the fact my Canon doesn't securly hold the card like shown in the pin, still LOVE this!

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