Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Newlywed Game

My kids LOVE watching "Big Star Little Star".

My husband and I also always kick butt at The Newlywed Game. Like, we win every single time! So I figured it'd be fun to play Big Star Little Star with our kids!

Ask questions and look for matching answers
Kids draw a picture of their answer and mom/dad has to guess.
Have 4 answers to choose from.

Questions for Kids: (You can switch it up and do all mom/ dad or half and half) First ask Mom/ Dad, write down and then have kids guess.

  1. What does Dad (or mom) do when no one is looking?
  2. What is one thing Mom is good at?
  3. What does Dad smell like?
  4. What is Mom's favorite food?
  5. What does Dad need help with?
  6. What is Mom's most prized possession? 
  7. If Dad has to cook dinner, what would he make?
  8. Where did Mom and Dad get married?
  9. Where did Mom and Dad go on their honeymoon?
  10. What does Mom do that annoys you the most?
  11. What is Mom's Favorite food?
  12. - Favorite drink?
  13. - Favorite color?
  14. -Favorite TV Show?
  15. - Favorite Movie?
  16. - Favorite restaurant?
  17. What is something mom is bad at?
  18. What is Dad's biggest secret?
  19. What is Mom afraid of?
  20. Where was Mom/ Dad born?
  21. How does Dad help around the house?
  22. What is one food that Mom cooks that you hate?
  23. Which of these places has mom never been? (give 4 possible places)
  24. What does Dad do that you wish you could do?
  25. How many pairs of shoes does mom have?
  26. What was Mom's last name before she married dad?

LDS Questions:
Where did Dad go on a Mission?

Questions for Mom and Dad: first ask kid, write down asnwers, then parents guess.

  1. What is kids's Favorite food?
  2. - Favorite drink?
  3. - Favorite color?
  4. -Favorite TV Show?
  5. - Favorite dessert?
  6. - Favorite Movie?
  7. - Favorite candy?
  8. - Favorite holiday?
  9. - Favorite animal?
  10. Who is Kid's best friend?
  11. What is Kid's least favorite chore?
  12. What does Kid do that annoys you the most?
  13. What is Kid's most hated food (or vegetable)?
  14. Favorite place to go to have fun?
  15. If you were to give Kid $10, what would they buy?
  16. What is Kids favorite book?

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