Sunday, August 4, 2013

Extreme Couponing!

I LOVE watching extreme couponing, but I always think, I can never find deals like that! 99% of the people on the show are able to double their coupons, which is how they get such great deals. Unfortunately, in my state they don’t double.

I went to a couponing class a few weeks ago and learned about an awesome website.

-Select your state
-Then select what store’s sales you want to look at.
(Even though I mainly shop at Wal-Mart and Smith’s, I look at all the stores in my area.)
On the left you will see stars indicating how good the deal is. Then you see the item, the sale price, then the coupon (the code at the end of this section is where to find the coupon, some come in newspapers and others are online). Last on the right is the final price.

I don’t buy any newspapers, so all coupons I use are online ones! I also work running my own business 60+ hours a week, along with raising 2 little ones. I don’t put a lot of time into couponing so if I can do it, you can do it!

-A HUGE tip. Sign up for Swagbucks! It is a “search engine” to earns you points. With these points you can trade them for items or, my favorite, gift cards! Not only is it a search engine, but they have coupons that when you use them you get points. They have a daily poll that will earn you a point. You can stream videos to earn points too! I do that a lot throughout the day. I turn the volume off on my laptop and stream them any time I get a chance! You can also stream them on your smart phone. They have the same coupons as

-Wal-Mart price matches deals. Make sure to bring the ad with the price with you to show the cashier. I’ve also heard that if you have an “overage” they give it back to you! Most stores just give you credit, so you can buy other items right then, but no cash back.

This week I found these deals:
Reach toothbrushes on sale at Walgreens for .99 cents. AND there was a printable coupon for $2 off! So you make $1 on each on! (there was also $1 off coupon, so you can get them free, but we don’t need 20 toothbrushes, so we stuck with 4 sets)

Valasic relish is .98 cents at Wal-Mart and there was a $1 off coupon.

So... for everything pictured I MADE $4, which we just used towards other items we needed. (Walgreens was out of the toothbrushes, so I price matched them at Wal-Mart)

Today's Savings: $15 and made $4!
Relish, regularly $1, Free
Toothbrushes, regularly $3.50- Free, plus made $1 on each pack

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