Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lazy Man’s Crockpot Recipes!

I have never enjoyed cooking and even more so, hate planning meals. Our nights usually consist of “What do you want for dinner?” “I don’t know!”

Before we opened our store I planned on making dinner in the crockpot every night! Ha ha ha, has never happened. We’ve been open for 9 or 10 weeks now. The first few weeks I was utterly exhausted at the end of each day. Then 4 or 5 weeks ago I started doing Sunday dinner in the crockpot. I loved coming home from church to a done dinner!

Finally today I decided, I’m gonna do it! I’m going to plan, put together and freeze some meals! I dedicated a whole board to crockpot recipes a few months ago. I went through my pins and planned out some meals.

Here are the ones I’ve cooked:
Hawaiian Kalua Pork (Next time, less salt. And we used chicken broth instead of apple cider/ water) It was SO tender and good! Also want to find a good Hawaiian sauce to go on it! (crockpot)

Chicken and Noodles (it is like a thick stew with just chicken, noodles and a little gravy)It is one of my favorites so far! (crockpot)

Hashbrown Casserole (we diced up our ham and mixed it in. I call it "Funeral Potatoes with Ham") YUM! (crockpot)

Crockpot Cheese Tortellini (we only did 1 can tomatoes and no spinach. My husband's favorite crockpot meal thus far!) Seriously taste like something you would get at Olive Garden! (crockpot)

Cashew Chicken (it was good, not my favorite, but good) (crockpot)

Chicken Cordon Bleu (I wouldn't say it taste exactly like Chicken Cordon Bleu, but it was good!) (crockpot)

Cheesy Potato Soup (It's pretty good, no Sassy Corn Chowder, but pretty good!)
And my all time favorite thing we've ever cooked in the crockpot....

Cafe Rio Pork! Seriously, it is AMAZING!!! (oh and I used to hate pork before eat this when my sister made it!) (crockpot)

Today I spent right around 2 hours prepping meals and I got 5 meals done! Coming from someone who hated to cook and even 2 hours sounds like 2 hours too long, it was worth it! I wrote each bag with a sharpie what each thing was, if anything needed to be added and how long to cook it.

I made:
Pesto Ranch Chicken (this one could be throw together when you want it, I just put everything in the bag. Plus, I make my own Pesto) (crockpot)

Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Meatballs (We burnt our meatballs! FYI 8 hours on low, is too long!) (crockpot)

Meatloaf & Rosemary Potatoes (I did our favorite meatloaf instead. They said to place the pan in a freezer bag, but mine wouldn't fit. We wrapped our meatloaf inside the pan in saran wrap and just stuck the pan in the freezer and will be eating it tomorrow! And I doubled the potatoes! (crockpot)

Cheeseburger Soup (One of my favorites so far! We found bread bowls on sale at Smiths for them... Perfect!) (crockpot)

I don't have the recipe online, but I also browned the meat for Taco Soup (make sure to add the taco seasoning when you brown the meat, otherwise the flavor is bland). Everything else that goes in it is canned so I will just dump it all in that morning.

And it doesn't need anything mixed together before hand so I’ll just throw it together the morning of-
Slow Cooker Coca Cola Barbecue Chicken (crockpot)

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