Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inside the Pin: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

This recipe intrigued me… (click here to go to it!)They look so good, but no flour, I don’t know about that! I had all the ingredients for this, I was just lazy and nervous they would be gross. But I really wanted to try them! A little background on me, I am NOT a health nut. I love my fast food, high fructuous corn syrup and soda. I should post a picture of me to prove I am not extremely obese, I’m actually “Normal” according to Wii Fit. We do try not to eat bad food all the time, but we enjoy it. I finally decided to try. I did everything as the recipe says except I used my Pampered Chef cookie dough scoop, I’m guessing that’s why mine don’t look as good as theirs. My 2-year-old wanted to try the dough (I was too scared too) she LOVED it. I cooked them for the 10 minutes and they didn’t seem to have changed from the soft dough at all. I baked them a few minutes longer and they were a little more firm, but not much. I let them cool a little and I got why they are called cookie dough bites, they are cross between baked cookies and it still being cookie dough. Me, the really picky/ non-health nut, REALLY likes them! My husband also likes them and he doesn’t like peanut butter cookies. They do taste just like good ol fashion peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. I would gladly make them again! :) This is how mine looked:
My goal is to use these to replace some of the other sugar filled/ not good for you things I have been snacking on! Especially since my kids will eat them!

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