Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ultimate Colorado Avalanche Experience

My husband and I had our first trip to Denver for an Aves games! It was so much fun and we learned a lot of great tips we've passed along to other fans.

2 days before the game we went to (they also had a game that night) we went to see the Pepsi Center. Upon going into the parking lot we found out they had tours of it! It is $10 a person and totally worth it! On game days they practice from 10 to 11, so if you go to the 10 am tour you will see them practice. The tours are at 10, 12 and 2.

Our tour guide was wonderful and told us about where and when they practice! I was dying to meet a player and get an autograph. On their off days they practice at the South Suburban Family Sports Center. On the Aves website they have the address listed and all this info, I just had no clue before this. Anyways, our tour guide told us to show up there around 11. I called the Sports Center to make sure I had the right place and time. They confirmed that the Aves had reserved the rink from 10 to 1 or something like that. We got there at 10:30 and there was only 5 players out there. Sure enough right at 11 everyone showed up!

-Make sure you bring stuff to get signed and also sharpies!
During the practice I asked the front desk how to get autographs. They told me to wait upstairs outside the "Avalanche Media Room". I went up there and waited where I met this amazing couple that told me exactly where to go! If the gate is out in front of the media room that means that Roy will come out and sign stuff! We didn't wait long enough to meet him, dang it! After practice go wait around back, on the left side of the building. You will see a fence with black mesh on it and probably other fans waiting! As the players are leaving the parking lot they will stop and sign stuff! We met 7 that day! I read on a forum that at their last practice of the season they ALL come out! Not only have I read this, but I had a friend experience it today! She said almost the whole team, including Roy and Sakic came out!
It says on their website you can send letters and items to get autographed! I'm definitely gonna try that out!!!

Autographs 2:
We found out that Gabriel Landeskog was doing an autograph signing at the AutoNation Toyota dealership on Arapahoe.
I'm trying to get info to see if there is anywhere that lists autograph signing... Let me know if you know of any!
Here is the AutoNation's website. I checked their Facebook page too, but didn't see them list anything.
This site says it lists upcoming autograph signing, but doesn't show any right now.

For the game:
The doors open 1 hour before the game starts.
The players take the ice 30 minutes before the game to warm up.
When you first get into the Pepsi Center take a lap all the way around the arena. When we got in there were people giving away all sorts of things! There was Jack Daniel's girls handing out chapstick and sunglasses (my kids LOVED those as presents), another person that if you enter their drawing you get a free item (I gave them fake info and got some Aves gloves, my husband got an Aves keychain). Our favorite thing was the Altitude guy! He had a wheel you can spin for prizes. The first time neither my husband or I got anything, but the guy told us to try again later. We waited 15-ish minutes and went back. Hubby lost and I won! I got a shirt with an Aves logo on it in my hubby's size. He would enjoy it more than me so I figured I get it for him!
If you have a little one with you, try to go up to the glass as they are warming up. They are known to toss a puck over to the kids!

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