Sunday, June 30, 2013

Freezer Meals: Week 4

I hate cooking, but I spent about 4 ½ hours in the kitchen today and feeling really accomplished! I (with hubby’s help) cooked 3 dinner, 17 lunches, and 11 breakfasts!!! It was supposed to be 5 dinners, but we didn’t have any chicken.

Breakfast Burritos
I halfed the recipe, 10 eggs, 1 bag of hasbrowns, I don't know how much bacon and made 9 burritos.

I also made 2 Oatmeal bowls. I would of done more if we had more oatmeal. I scooped out 1/2 cup quick oats and a handful of brown sugar and put it in tupperware. I labeled the top (with a piece of tape and a sharpie) to add 1 cup water and how long to microwave.

for lunches:
Burrito's I halfed this recipe too, and added some ground beef into majority of them. I ended up with 11 burritos and had enough to 1 to 2 more, but was out of tortillas.

This is the recipe we use to make refried beans (we use our Ninja and they are super smooth!)

One of my favorite lunches... Pasta bowls! Might sound weird, but I love them... Simply cook up however much pasta you want. Tonight we did 1#, then divided them up into 6 tupperwares and topped them with whatever we wanted- butter and garlic, pesto, or whatever.

Sausage Crescent Rolls
I made the crescent dough from scratch and ended up with only using 1/2, so I have one extra batch! (dough recipe here)

Goulash (I put in everything but canned items. I just write on the bag what they are to add when cooking!)

Pasta e Fagioli Soup (Olive Garden recipe!)

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