Monday, February 27, 2012

Tinkerbell Room makeover!

We just re-did my daughter’s room and went with a Tinkerbell theme. I LOVED her nursery bedding and contemplated leafing it brown and pink. BUT she already had 2 Tinkerbell themed things in her room, so why not re-do it? When we moved into our new place I found these curtain on sale for $3! They didn’t have any that matched her current room and I liked these the best.

Then for my daughter’s birthday her grandma made her this Tinkerbell blanket and had no idea she had matching curtains in her room!

Our first task was painting her bed white! It wasn’t too bad actually. ($10 for paint)

We got this sheet set at Wal-Mart ($20)

and these sheets are my favorite from Target ($18) I didn't want to sspend $40 on sheets that were over-the-top Tinkerbell that she will grow out of, I love the pastel dots!

I got 3 frames from Dollar Tree (2 5 x 7’s and 1 4 x 6) and painted them white ($3) and some sscrapbook paper ($2) I wanted clouds, but couldn’t find a patter I really liked so I got stars! I decidd to put the vinyl on top of the frame because then the paper under is re-useable! Vinyl was free!
(you can get the vinyl here)

Another frame from Dollar Tree painted white, scrapbook paper from Michael’s ($.50), VVinyl on top of frame, Free! I also found this “Tinkerbell” at Dollar Tree!
(get the vinyl here)

I got this lantern forever ago at IKEA and haven’t used it in years. Tinkerbell is cut out of vinyl.

We are also adding a Peter Pan shadow to the ceiling tomorrow! I’ll post pictures soon!

TOTAL room make over: $58 and most of that was on 2 sets of sheets!!!

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