Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bow Making 101: How to make Korker Bows

They are really very easy, just time consuming, but worth it! I love this style and majority of my daughter’s bows are Korker!

First pick your ribbon colors and the size of “korker” you want. The smaller the dowel/ stick, the smaller the twist will be. I have 4 different sizes of dowels I use. I buy my dowels by the yard and cut them into 6” pieces, so I end up with 6 of them. You can also use anything from the around the house that is round (I also use some old pencils!)

Next comes the wrapping. Tape your ribbon to one end and start twisting.

The closer the ribbon is together the tighter the curl will be. If you want a loose curl you can space out the ribbon (I like tight curls) I wrap mine so that the sides touch ( it doesn’t overlap, but isn’t spaced out either). As you wrap, make sure you have a firm grip on the part you are twisting. Can’t tell you how many times I have dropped it or lost my grip and have to start twisting all over! :(

Once you get to the end, cut the ribbon and tape it. I used to cut my ribbon and then twist it on, but realized the ribbon would either be too short or too long for the dowel.

I usually use 6 dowels (all the same size) per bow. If you want a fuller looking bow, you can use more.

Now comes the cooking part. Turn your oven to 250. Place them in on the rack and bake for 20 minutes.

It depends on how much of a hurry I’m in once they are done. Sometimes I turn the oven off and let me stay in there and cool off. Sometimes I take them out and let them cool. If I’m in a hurry I take them out and put the bow together right away.

Once they are cool unwrap them and then cut them into your desired length. I usually cut them into thirds, so 2 inches each. Make sure to BURN all the ends before putting it together! (if you put it together before you burn the ends, it sucks and then the ribbon frays!)

Once the ends are all burnt start assembling! As you can see I arrange my ribbons either in sets of the same colors or I lay them out in the order I am going to put them into the Bowdabra.
(I used 8 dowels worth of ribbon on this bow)

I did test something with this bow. I used fishing line instead of ribbon because mine always look “flat” to me. Instead of being a nice round ball, they are squished in the middle and mainly on 2 sides. The fishing line helped with it looking more round! –here is the comparison-

Ribbon in the middle to tie it together:

Fishing Line:
-Another idea I had to make it rounded is do 2 separate ones with the ribbon in the middle and glue them together. I will make one and see how it works!

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