Monday, January 16, 2012

Hair Bow Making 101

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I do my daughter’s hair bows. To be honest, I had never made a bow before May of 2010! I started one day when I glued some flowers onto a clip and decided I wanted to try out making bows. I started by buying the Bowdabra! Best $12 I ever spent!!! It is the key to my bow making! I see all these sites that hold the ribbon in their hands or sew it, my Bowdabra does all that for me!

The hardest part is making sure the sides are even and the loops are the size I want! Sometimes I have to pull the ribbon out and try a few times until I get the loops even and to my liking, but still doesn’t take more than 10 minutes!

I used to use Gorilla Glue, but ran out. I holds up better, but takes much longer! Like hours!!! Since I ran out I reverted back to hot glue because the process with the Gorilla Glue drying was making bow making tiresome for me! I love that from start to finish I can whip out bows in minutes!!!!

To start off, this is a new style I started do and it's to simple!
Using my Bowdabra. I made 4 "regular" bows, 2 with big loops and 2 with smaller loops. (I use roughly 24 inches, but you can do any amount depending on how small or full you want it to look!) For the smaller loops I used probably about 18 inches and 24 on the longer ones. Or you can always start making the bow with the ribbon still on the spool and cut then you are don. Another tip: Make sure to sear (burn) the ends so they don't fray!!!

Next I hot glued 2 sets together....

then all layers together and a jewel on top!

I add links to bow tutorials as I add them!
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