Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair Bow Making 101: Style Simple Clips

These cute little clips are so easy!

Cover the clip as usual.

Measure how big you want the loops to be. I usually do just 1 loop set, or 2 (not pictured).
Once the ribbon is cut tot he length I want, I burn the ends and fold it in half to make a crease line.

On the crease I put hot glue, fold one end over

and then put a little more glue and do the other end.
Once my loop is done, I glue it down onto the clip.

Sometimes I put a little ribbon across the middle and glue it together on the back of the bow/ clip, sometimes I don't add ribbon, but it needs something to finish it off... My green ones just have jewels in the middle and as you can see the pink butterflies have ribbon across the middle and then a jewel.

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