Thursday, August 16, 2018

Food Pantry- Part 3

Forming a 501-C, Non-Profit status: The cost was roughly $500. The #1 key is you need 5 people to be on your board of directors. I used myself, my husband, 1 friend and 2 neighbors that were willing to help me.

Fundraising: I was talking to my sister-in-law this past weekend and we talked a lot about the food pantry. One thing I pointed out to her was- wording is key!!! When I started I used to e-mail companies and simply ask if they wanted to donate items to the food pantry. I got 1, ONE, donation. When I changed the wording products started flying in!!!! What did I change?

Instead of asking to donate TO the food pantry, I changed it to, "I run a non-profit ...... and I am planning our yearly fundraiser event. We are planning on ...... Would you be interested in donating any items?"

Companies are really nice and love to donate to fundraiser events! Obviously some, okay a lot, say no. Some ask for reciepts for a tax right off. Some need a Tax ID #, which is part of forming a 501-C.

The easiest way I've found to fund raise is to hold an event! I did an outdoor event at a local park. The name of the event was the "Hope Food Pantry Fundraiser", simple enough, doesn't have to be wordy. Companies will ask you for the event title, so you will need one. The fee to rent the park was like $35 or was it $50, I can't remember. Once I had the park booked I posted on Facebook that I was looking for vendors. Research your area to see what the going rate for vendor booths it. Here, it is usually $50, depending on the event. So, I only asked $30. I got 11 people that wanted booths. So, after my park fee I was at roughly $300. All I had to do was have each vendor will out an application, mark out/ map out where each vendor would be in the park. That's it. Pretty easy if you ask me!

I had products donated that I raffled off from companies and local businesses/ restaurants. I also had a donation jar out at our booth.

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