Monday, February 1, 2010

Burnt Pillow Design!

I love how this turned out and I'm already planning at least 2 more! I'll post pictures once they are done!

I am no expert on making pillows, so I'm skipping the "how to make a pillow" part of the tutorial! This is my first one and I have not messed with different materials yet, but here you go:

I used 100% polyester because I knew it would melt.
On the back of the material I drew my design. I used a circle template and then free handed the top two rows. Once I was almost done I realized that I should of used my Silhouette to cut out a template of the design I wanted! Oh well, next time! I used a sharpie, just make sure it will not bleed to the front of your pillow. On black a white crayon also works great!

Once my design was done I got to work. I used a candle and an old needle.

Heat up the needle with the candle and start "melting" at your design. It's hard to describe how to do it. You just keep heating up the needle and going around where you want it to melt away!

The ideas and options are endless!

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